The Bunkhouse Theatre: A Cinema at the End of the World

After adding up all the hours in my head, I hoped that my destination was going to be worth all of my travels. Three hours on two planes to Invercargill Airport followed by a taxi to the city. Add the hour long bus ride and another hour on a turbulent ferry; I had spent my entire day and personal savings to make a visit to the most southern cinema in New Zealand (and quite possibly in the world). I had heard of the Bunkhouse [.....]

The Time Cinema: Yesterday Again Today

Throughout my Fulbright year working with cinemas in New Zealand, I was constantly asked if I had visited movie theatre enthusiast John Bell and  his private cinema in Wellington. I was asked so frequently that I knew it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed. All it took was a quick phone call and a free afternoon in the capital city of New Zealand to finally experience the charm of this backyard [.....]

Alice in Videoland & Cinematheque: A Much Needed Wonderland

I discover most theatres in New Zealand by trusting word-of-mouth recommendations from Kiwis in the industry. This allows me to plan my next project through the wisdom of life-long cinema owners and it always leads me to wonderful places and friendly characters. I can't tell you how many Kiwis recommended that I pay a visit to a little cinema in the heart of Christchurch; Alice in Videoland and Cinematheque. I finally made [.....]