Re-Visiting The Regent Theatre: The Theatre Beautiful

Since my return from New Zealand, I have tried to stay in contact with many of the inspirational cinema owners I worked alongside during my Fulbright journey. Surely, one of the most passionate theatre men in the world, Allan Webb, has remained a close friend and pen pal. We will still discuss films worth seeing and the movies worth skipping (only after watching them!) as well as the current state of the industry. The Regent Theatre in Te Awamutu is currently 8,800 miles from my current position, but I still do what I can to help enhance the presentation and atmosphere of “The Regent Beautiful”.

Here is a previous news article and blog about my experience with the Regent.

Last year, Allan and I discussed the creation of a master policy trailer for the cinema. Prior to screening previews, Allan and his team would show various short videos advertising their concessions, frequent movie goer vouchers, and rules to abide by. Although it got the message to the audience, Allan always had a vision of replacing that collection of videos with one simple policy trailer. I took him up on his video request from my home studio in New Jersey.

Upon request, Allan drafted the messages he needed incorporated into the video and selected an order for the messages to be shown. From there, I began story-boarding graphics and creating a theme that would not only blend well with the atmosphere of the nostalgic cinema, but simultaneously entertain the audience, too. After several ideas, I used the inspiration of cinematic titles over the decades to tell the message of the Regent – it was an appropriately fun theme.  You can view the final policy trailer below – now playing before every screening at the Regent in Te Awamutu…

Although I was satisfied with the final video, I suggested another idea to Allan. I always envisioned giving him a collection of short holiday videos that he could play for his audience when then season was right. It would be a simple and effective way to express that the patronage of the audience was truly appreciated by the staff- an important message to maintain in this industry.  Below you will find a sample reel displaying snippets of these shorts…

Even though I am on the opposite side of the world, I am so glad that I am still able to maintain a strong relationship with this special cinema.

If you would like similar work done for your own cinema, feel free to email me at for more details.

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