Editing for the Arts: Greenhouse Arts Center Fund Video

Video can be a powerful medium. Too often, short videos are created to highlight a trending fad in the media world. In my work, I try to use this medium to educate, help, or inspire. This past summer I was blessed with the opportunity to work with Greenhouse Arts Center to educate, help, AND inspire.

Greenhouse Arts Center is a life giving, safe, welcoming place of hope where creativity thrives and the arts are a vehicle for the community to grow together and make a difference locally and globally, connecting with other cultures and raising future leaders. They are a community arts center based in Harlem, offering dance, music, and theater classes; inspiring young people, empowering and equipping families, and meeting needs in our local and global communities. All of their classes are taught by professional staff and as their organization expands with new students (who they call dreamers) registering every week, they are determined to continue raising the bar to meet their community’s needs and provide a secure, inspiring environment for families to grow through the arts.

Greenhouse has become so successful over the past year, that they were looking for an upgrade to their practice hall. In order to find a larger location to dance, a fundraiser was held through the crowdfunding website Indigogo. Three weeks prior to the fundraising start date, complications ensued and their main editor could not commit to the completion of the fundraising video.  A friend in Greenhouse reached out to me and asked if I could edit a video from scratch – I agreed without hesitation. It would be my pleasure to help out such a kind and needed organization.

Over the three week period I was given hours of gigabytes of media showcasing dance recitals, community service projects, and recorded dance lessons. I was given instructions from the organization’s founder, Lauren, to guide me while working in my editing room. All of my post-production collaboration was done via email and after just a few drafts, the video was complete a week prior to their launch date. Their Indigogo campaign ended up raising $10,517.00 and the video is now used by the organization as they continue to fund their benevolent charity program. You can watch it below.

I am so ecstatic with the results of the fundraiser and am beyond proud of their team members.  It truly is an awe-inspiring organization that is needed in this world. I hope I get the opportunity to visit Greenhouse Arts Center in the near future. I sure could use a few dance lessons myself! Best of luck to the Greenhouse family – it was a pleasure to be part of your team for this project!

To learn more about Greenhouse Arts Center, CLICK HERE.

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