Globe Theatrette: A Boutique Cinema

Driving through Napier always puts a smile on my face. Maybe it’s the sight of the gently rocking boats nestled in the harbor or the art deco themed buildings lined with towering palm trees. Statues line the beach and glimmer with the golden sunrise. It is a town full of beauty and charm. It came as no surprise to me when the town’s local independent theatre displayed unique beauty and charm; so much so that it is labeled as a theatrette, or a boutique cinema.

As quoted from the cinema’s website

“The Globe Theatrette is a unique and opulent, independently owned movie theatre situated in the picturesque seaside village of Ahuriri [of Napier]. A modern and vibrant interior, the 45 seater boutique theatre provides the ultimate in private and relaxed surroundings. Custom made plush leather armchairs and couches are generously spaced for viewing comfort and pleasure with the latest in surround sound and digital cinema.”

Several weeks ago, on a scenic road trip from a Fulbright meeting in Wellington, I stopped for the night in Napier to explore and spend the night. When in town, I discovered this tiny theatrette on Geoff Lealand’s website, I called and left a message saying that I was in town. A returned call later led me to the opportunity to meet with the manager the next morning. I had the absolute pleasure to meet with Louisa von Reumont at a local cafe to discuss my project, the community of Napier, and the cinema itself. Surely enough, Louisa had been looking to update the venue’s opening video. I knew I could create something for her and her cinema.

Returning to Napier just weeks later, I spent a few hours talking to Louisa while filming various aspects of the small cinema. After collecting my content I spent a few days working in the editing room. The video below is my final draft for the new opening video for The Globe Theattrette. This video will play on the cinema screen prior to each feature presentation shown. With some 1920’s jazz influence in the soundtrack mixed with modern style and some cooler colors I tried my best to capture the overall style and theme of The Globe…

While filming in Napier, I came up with another idea that hopefully the theatrette could utilize….

Often when people (especially an older demographic) visit a cinema, people tend to arrive several minutes before the previews appear on screen. Sometimes movie theatres will play light music or ads in the screening room to pass the time, but some cinemas choose to leave the screen blank. This atmosphere can leave strangers hushed in an awkward silence. The Globe does not play ads and therefore the screen remains seen with a static logo while people wait for the show to start. I asked Louisa if I could make a video to pass the time faster. What if I could capture the sights and sounds of Napier on camera? The long video segment would play in between features to entertain incoming crowds while the guests waited. Louisa agreed, gave me a chance, and the video below was made. I captured a scenic day in Napier, starting with a majestic sunrise over the ocean and ending with the towns iconic lit up fountain show. Other locations include shots of the port, the Bluff Hill Domain, and local parks and beaches. Smooth jazz is also played to give the screening room some acoustic ambiance, as well. The “porthole” tour of Napier can now be experience by the local audience on a daily basis. You can watch the video below…

All in all, I had a fantastic experience working with Louisa and her cute, well-kept theatrette in Napier. I even enjoyed a screening of the Beach Boy’s movie “Love and Mercy” – appropriate for the beach town that Napier is known as. I highly recommend the experience (and the pizza, too)!

Operating from Tuesday to Sunday, the Globe screens titles with the focus on quality cinema, from Art House movies and documentaries to Hollywood – they also support a lot of New Zealand content. The ultimate cinematic experience.

Make sure to visit the GLOBE’S WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE!

Special thanks to Louisa, The Globe Theatrette,, The University of Waikato, Sophie Burke, John Homler, and Bob Patlen.

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