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In addition to my documentary (“The Reel People of New Zealand”) as part of my 2015 Fulbright project, I produced and edited short video clips profiling independent cinemas throughout my journey across the north and south islands. These clips can be found on my Vimeo and Youtube pages and are accessible for public viewing. The goal of these videos was to highlight and enhance the atmosphere of each cinema I worked with. These videos have been used by theater owners on their big screens, social media pages, and websites. They are also profiled on Geoff Lealand’s theater directory on page, thus adding another dimension for researchers or viral visitors.





I was able to create a custom video for each local cinema I visited in New Zealand. I did my best to discuss my ideas with management for a video that would suit their needs most. I ensured constant communication throughout the editing process, as well. Below you will find various examples of cinemas that I collaborated with. They all had different request that resulted in different outcomes…




The Regent Theatre, Te Awamutu, New Zealand

A new “Title Video” was created for The Regent. This short video visually explores the history of the older theatre in a short, fast paced time span. It is now played between the previews and the feature presentation in the cinema.

The TET Kings Theatre, Stratford, New Zealand

To celebrate the cinemas one hundred year anniversary, this opening title will be shown prior to all feature presentations throughout 2018. It is comprised of old still photos of the Stratford community from the King’s Diary.

The Globe Theatrette, Napier, New Zealand

After an early meeting over coffee, the manager of the classy Globe Theatrette in Napier was impressed with my prior opening titles for previous cinemas. She asked if I could make one to match the more modern atmosphere of the Globe.

The Roxy Cinema, Miramar suburb, Wellington, New Zealand

The Roxy Cinema is renowned in New Zealand for their breathtaking cinematic murals, dining atmosphere, and creative prestige. After a meeting with the management, I suggested that I create a quirky “title opener” that brought their iconic murals to life.

Alice in Videoland & Cinematheque, Christchurch, New Zealand

Once solely a video rental store, Alice has trended with the times. Their one screen cinema now plays first run movies for the loyal audience. The owner asked if a 30 year anniversary “title opener” could be created commemorating the iconic rental store. I decided upon a “down the rabbit hole” theme to match the atmsphere of Alice in Wonderland.




The Tivoli Theatre, Cambridge, New Zealand

The Tivoli in Cambridge is a young cinema and asked for a short video to provide a visual tour of the theatre to newcomers on their website.


Ruby’s Cinema & Bar, Wanaka, New Zealand

Ruby’s Cinema and Bar in Wanaka asked for a video that showcased their weekly specials. The video profiles their venue while incorporating weekly specials.


The Auteur House DVD Rental, Hamilton, New Zealand

The Auteur House is an independent video rental store. A video was made to profile the store for social media purposes.


The Time Cinema, Lyall Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

The Time Cinema is a private theatre that occasionally hosts birthday parties, private viewings, and a local cinema club. A video was requested to be created that would showcase the atmosphere of the Time Cinema for people interested in renting it out.


The Bunkhouse Theatre, Oban, Stewart Island, New Zealand

The Bunkhouse Theatre shows a forty minute, locally produced film to tourist about the history and heritage of Stewart Island. I produced a video that showcases the atmosphere of the theatre that could be used for social media purposes.




Everybody’s Theatre, Opunake, New Zealand

Comprised of over 250 slides, ten (five minute) videos now can be viewed by the audience at Everybody’s before a previews roll onto the screen. These local, historic slides were cleaned, photographed, and then digitally enhanced in order to recreate an 35mm advertisement reel illusion. The full play list can be found here.




The Globe Theatrette, Napier, New Zealand

The Globe is a one screen venue where nothing would play on the single screen while audiences swapped out seats and waited for the next feature to play. With the approval from the manager I created an atmospheric video that shows scenes from Napier throughout the day through a porthole. The video now plays between showings.

The TET Kings Theatre, Stratford, New Zealand

The TET Kings occasionally gives tours and sit down presentations of the historic theatre to senior citizens and school groups. I tacked together a short video of extra b-roll from my original project. They may now show this video on the big screen during a presentation.




This project was funded through the Fulbright organization. There are no fees involved.




Just send Nick and email at He will only be working with cinemas in New Zealand until early October of 2015. He now resides near New York City. Please notify him as soon as possible if you would like a video and he will be happy to work with you.

Thanks for exploring my projects and I hope you get to see some of my work while visiting these marvelous cinemas.

Thanks and Take Care,

Nick Homler

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